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Musings from the membrane.

Open standards in schools

I started college this September, and I’ve already come across various challenges when it came to keeping to my software freedom, and not being restricted and oppressed by non-free software. I’m in the UK, and I’ve heard a lot of ‘horror stories’ - so to speak - of MS influence in our schools.. and sadly witnessed it for myself in both primary school, and secondary school, although I have no memory of that.

The JVM in Rust

Started work on my JVM implementation in Rust. Currently, I’ve got quite a few of the opcodes used in the JVM’s classfiles. One of the main blocking issues I’ve come across with jvm-rs is the garbage collector. Either I make one myself, use an existing library I found with Rust GC, or wait for the Rust team to install a optional GC. There’s JVMs in Golang, but Go comes with built-in garbage collection, so it’s not as easy to replicate in Rust.

Announcing xtensis

My latest project is called `xtensis’1, which is an extensible, minimal and safe editor framework/text editor. It draws upon the best features from text editing, and attempts to circumvent the so-called “limits” in text editing. It stems from my dissatisfaction with editors such as {Neo,}vim, Emacs and others - and my thirst for something new. xtensis aims to be minimal, and fully extensible to the core. It’s written in Rust, a thread-safe, systems programming language from Mozilla.

Screw the `y-or-n-p` prompt

I have a script that runs every 45 minutes on a cronjob, which syncs four things: My local ‘vdir’ folders, which is managed by ‘vdirsyncer’ My ‘Mates’ index, for contacts from the vdir folder. My BBDB contacts file, via a custom elisp wrapper function I wrote. This uses emacs -batch, as described below. My Org mode calendars / todo files, with org-caldav. Again, via emacs -batch After a while, it became apparent to me that this script was hanging, at some point during execution.


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